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portable multi use games areas from smooga

encourage inclusive games and reduce playground conflict and accidents in the playground

make your playgrounds look new and exciting in just two hours

smooga is so effective in reducing the conflict experienced in playgrounds because it provides a safe physical boundary to contain children and young people playing football and other rumbustious games. There are two happy outcomes, children absolutely love playing inside a smooga arena and all children outside it can play more safely and confidently. That’s why it’s great for playgrounds and sports clubs; it keeps ball games contained and keeps the players focused on their activity.

However, there is more to a smooga than meets the eye. This is what Head Teacher Alison Townsend of Emneth Primary School had to say:

There have been a number of differences as a result of the smooga.  Younger children now have space to play sports; and arguments and disagreements have stopped.  Previously, teachers would spend the first 30 minutes after lunch trying to resolve issues caused in the playground and the space was also dominated by older children.

The Business Manager at Garswood Primary School who was kind enough to tell us:

The smooga is the best investment we’ve made for the school in a long time.

And Preet Cook, the Business Manager at Ashton Keynes C of E Primary, felt moved to comment:

The Smooga is fab - thank you! The children love it, the parents are excited by it but best of all, it has increased our play area massively in the last 2 weeks where the field has been too marshy to play on. Thank you.



So, what is a smooga?

It's a Multi Use Games Area, but it’s Smart! Imagine an arena with 4 sides, made up of modular, push-fit panels, which have a lightweight plastic top section and a heavier base which keeps it firmly on the ground and you have a smooga. It's safe - the system is designed to be robust enough to withstand the pressure of being pushed or fallen against. It has no sharp edges or trip hazards and what’s more, it can be left out all year round.

Unlike fixed MUGA systems, (which are fantastic by the way) it is flexible - you can move it around, set it up where you need it, change it's shape or size and use it for many activities. The most common purpose will probably be for football, but it's ideal for hockey, handball and many other PE games and sports. You don’t have to make an arena, some schools use the modular panels as separating walls for zoning. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us:

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We supply an extensive range of sports equipment and other products to schools of all sizes, sports clubs and local councils. Anything from netball posts to safety barriers, cricket wickets to speed ramps and football goals to fencing.

See what we have to offer at the Smooga Store.

Smooga are proud to source and manufacture the majority of our products locally. Our Smooga range of products are 100% recyclable and the bases themselves are made from 100% recycled plastics.

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