Duralock Performance Fencing

Duralock Performance Fencing


In the sports world, you need fencing with stamina. Duralock fencing is known for its durability; the PVC-u construction withstands heavy use without cracking or breaking, it will not decay or splinter like wood fencing and built-in UV protection means that it won’t peel in the sun.


You also need a fencing system you can trust on safety. Duralock fencing is designed to flex under impact, reducing the risk of injury. And there are no sharp bits: concealed fixings and smooth rounded surfaces make the whole system exceptionally safe.


Duralock systems can be adapted to a whole range of different sporting environments: schools, stadia, golf clubs, sailing clubs, sports grounds, leisure centres and too many others to mention.

Quality and Style

We at Smooga believe that Duralock is one of the best fencing systems around for school and sporting environments. Unsurpassed build quality, clean lines and exceptional yet simple styling combine to give an aesthetic appeal that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Ideal for Schools

Choosing Duralock fencing for your school is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. These robust fences are strong enough to withstand heavy treatment, which means no worries about how they’ll stand up to sport crowds or just kids letting off steam outdoors. Strong and extremely safe for all ages with no sharp edges or exposed metal, Duralock fencing will surely enhance the look of your school.

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90-degree Picket Corner Bend Connector

Internal connector to secure a right angle bend in moveable picket barriers.

£32.40 Ex Tax: £27.00

- +
Half Mesh Gates

One pair of 2m wide Half Mesh gates.

£1,464.00 Ex Tax: £1,220.00

- +
Spectator Rail

1m high spectator rail.

£13.14 Ex Tax: £10.95

- +
Half Mesh Multi-Sport Fence

The ideal pitch enclosure. A three rail post fence with a mesh lower half.

£66.60 Ex Tax: £55.50

- +
Post and 2 Rail Fence

950mm high post and two rail fence.

£28.80 Ex Tax: £24.00

- +
Picket Fence - 2 rail

950mm high post and 2 rail picket fence.

£64.80 Ex Tax: £54.00

- +
Moveable Picket Fence/Barriers

1.2m or 2.4m widths

£125.40 Ex Tax: £104.50

Removable Post and 2 Rail Fence

1100mm high 2 Rail fence with removable posts.

£37.14 Ex Tax: £30.95

- +