Smooga would recommend the use of plastic fencing in school and club environments as it is weather resistant, does not rot, is splinter free and requires no maintenance.

Duralock is a well-known and established company within the sport and leisure market and a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance PVCu fencing for racecourses, sports stadiums, sports clubs and schools. We at smooga are impressed with the look, the safety features and the ease of installation of the Duralock fence (portable barriers are available also).

Our range of recycled plastic fencing is available in many styles and colours.

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Multicoloured Fencing

Colourful, maintenance-free fencing.

£553.62 Ex Tax: £461.35

- +
Fence Posts

Fence posts for multicoloured fencing.

£58.20 Ex Tax: £48.50

- +
Knee Rail Barrier

Low barrier fencing of recycled materials.

£84.84 Ex Tax: £70.70

Heavy Duty Knee Rail Barrier

Sturdy, one rail barrier

£144.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

Barrier Posts

Posts for knee rail barriers

£20.70 Ex Tax: £17.25

Smooga Zoners

Portable separators and zoner blocs.

Call for Price: 01865301917

90-degree Picket Corner Bend Connector

Internal connector to secure a right angle bend in moveable picket barriers.

£32.40 Ex Tax: £27.00

- +
Half Mesh Gates

One pair of 2m wide Half Mesh gates.

£1,464.00 Ex Tax: £1,220.00

- +
Spectator Rail

1m high spectator rail.

£13.14 Ex Tax: £10.95

- +
Half Mesh Multi-Sport Fence

The ideal pitch enclosure. A three rail post fence with a mesh lower half.

£66.60 Ex Tax: £55.50

- +
Post and 2 Rail Fence

950mm high post and two rail fence.

£28.80 Ex Tax: £24.00

- +
Picket Fence - 2 rail

950mm high post and 2 rail picket fence.

£64.80 Ex Tax: £54.00

- +
Moveable Picket Fence/Barriers

1.2m or 2.4m widths

£125.40 Ex Tax: £104.50

Removable Post and 2 Rail Fence

1100mm high 2 Rail fence with removable posts.

£37.14 Ex Tax: £30.95

- +

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 hockeytargetWe have much on offer, whether you are a primary or secondary school, college or university, sports club or local council. We can supply most of the sporting equipment you might need for football, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis or badminton (and a few other sports besides).

Barriers that can be used for temporary disruptions such as trench work or broken paving slabs, or for marshalling pedestrians or traffic at the school fete can be found in the Safety and Maintenance section, along with wheelchair ramps, speed ramps, traffic cones and grass protection for areas of temporary parking.

Our range of services for the playground includes the design and construction of play areas and a selection of containing fences. We can even build you an outdoor theatre!

Smooga is an accredited reseller for a number of carefully chosen companies. We look for quality, robustness and longevity in all of our products so whereas we may not be the cheapest option available, we are certainly one of the best. That old but true adage applies - you get what you pay for!