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Playground Equipment & Services

Playground Equipment & Services

Everything from bespoke playground design to the brightest fencing you have ever seen.

Not to mention the outdoor stage. Or indoor. It's up to you.

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Multicoloured Fencing

Colourful, maintenance-free fencing.

£553.62 Ex Tax: £461.35

- +
Fence Posts

Fence posts for multicoloured fencing.

£58.20 Ex Tax: £48.50

- +
Knee Rail Barrier

Low barrier fencing of recycled materials.

£84.84 Ex Tax: £70.70

Heavy Duty Knee Rail Barrier

Sturdy, one rail barrier

£144.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

Barrier Posts

Posts for knee rail barriers

£20.70 Ex Tax: £17.25

Keith the Caterpillar Tunnel

This attractive, crawl through playground tunnel is constructed using a 600mm (nominal) diameter, ribbed underground drainage tube, which has been professionally cut and joined to the entry panels using a new Fahr design clamping system. Green/black HDPE panels with contrasting accessories and black ribbed tunnel.

£1,558.44 Ex Tax: £1,298.70

- +
Smooga Zoners

Portable separators and zoner blocs.

£78.30 Ex Tax: £65.25