Speed Ramp 50mm Inner Black

Product Code: OP-0308
Weight: 9.00kg
Dimensions: 500.00mm x 420.00mm x 50.00mm

Price: £17.46
Ex Tax: £14.55

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The new EnduraRamp is an easy to install traffic calming speed hump designed to slow vehicle speed, ideal for use wherever temporary traffic calming is required. 50mm height slows traffic to 10mph.

  • Easy to install traffic calming ramps
  • Durable and long lasting when compared to painted products through it’s innovative 2-part moulding process which uses a clever combination of virgin and recycled material
  • The easy to install segments are purchased according to the length required
  • Dog bone locators help to align the ramps during installation
  • White reflectors in each section make for good visibility at night and in bad weather
  • Can withstand 44 tonne HGV's
  • Designed to be installed on good condition concrete or asphalt surfaces that are at least 100mm deep
  • Bumps contain a recess underneath to take a cable / pipe approx. 22mm diameter.

INNER 50mm

Length 500 mm
Width 420 mm
Height 50 mm
Weight 9 kg

END 50mm

Length 210 mm
Width 420 mm
Height 50mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Colour Yellow or Black

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