Your smooga - General Information

newsalternativeBecause of the modular nature of a smooga it can be any size or shape but we have put together some standard popular sizings. If you would like help in choosing the right smooga for you then please give us a call, we are happy to visit and survey your playground and offer the best options for you. Please note that it is possible to buy your smooga using Sports Premium Funding. Find out more here.

To see how other schools are using their smoogas then please visit our Gallery, also we have a recent case study From Emneth Primary School that you may find interesting.

For further details including special offers and pricing then please get in touch.


how to order a smooga 

When you make an enquiry we like to discuss your needs with you and help you choose the right smooga for your budget, space and anticipated uses. We can at this stage if you wish provide an official quote. Once happy with the size of smooga and how it will be used all that is required is an official Purchase Order from the school emailed over to us.



We think we are unique in that every smooga arena will be assembled by a smooga employee. Keith, the director of Smooga has assembled every smooga in the UK so far! We endeavour to deliver anywhere in the UK within 4-6 weeks from receiving an order. (Our average in 2014 has been under 3 weeks, despite the flooding). We always use timed deliveries, so you know when to expect us and the delivery vehicles are always rigids with a tail lift and hand truck.


getting the most from your new smooga 

newssmoogacupWe also offer training for staff (get the most out of your smooga), and coaching for kids (get the most out of your smooga). Yes I know. The title is the same. The content is pretty similar too!

It is important to us that you enjoy the new arena and that it is widely used. From the success of Marish Primary School running a "Smooga Cup" competition in December 2014 we are now offering to schools who own a smooga a chance to run their own competition, we supply the medals and Cup and even a smooga representative for the day.


we are here even after you have purchased

We believe that the continued success of Smooga comes from supporting customers even after they have purchased. We will update you with different ways to use your smooga and any new initiatives that we may running at any one time i.e Smooga Cup Competitions