David Cameron, Former Prime Minister and Witney MP

Sport has enormous benefits for children and young people and schools play an important part in delivering PE. I was therefore delighted to hear about the work Smooga is doing locally and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in doing such vital work to help give our children the best start in life.

Preet Cook, Business Manager and Clive Tanner, PE Teacher, Ashton Keynes CofE Primary School, Wiltshire

The Smooga is fab - thank you! The children love it, the parents are excited by it but best of all, it has increased our play area massively in the last 2 weeks where the field has been too marshy to play on. Thank you.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am personally with the Smooga you have installed at Ashton Keynes. I can’t wait to see the children’s face when they see it for the first time and I know they all can’t wait to play in it!

Mrs Bagnall, Head Teacher, St Ebbes, Oxford

The children love it. It has created a new point of interest. They all gather round and watch each other which has been an unexpected outcome. It’s lovely, especially to see the older, year 6’s watch the years 2’s playing football.

Brette Townend-Jowitt, Head Teacher, Kingham Primary School, Oxfordshire

The Smooga is going well here and the staff and pupils report that break and lunchtimes have fewer accidents

Staff report that it is really beneficial to PE and games lessons as we are not chasing the balls down the playground.

Marie Chadwick, School Business Manager, Garswood Primary School, St Helens

We use the smooga for football, hockey and netball. We have also created a maze for the children which they absolutely loved.

There are less accidents now we have the smooga in terms of bumped heads of children in addition to staff who have lunch time duty.

I would say the smooga helps to facilitate at least 80 per cent more teaching time and is the best investment we’ve made for the school in a long time.

Chris Stewart, Head Teacher, Totley Primary School, Sheffield

Since having the smooga, less children have been injured and it is easier to manage children in the playground. It has significantly cut down playground incidents.

Jane Copper, Behaviourist, Oak Hill Academy, Feltham

I’m 100% convinced the smooga has helped to reduce conflict in the playground by enabling children to keep the ball in a controlled environment.

Joanne Burrows, School Business Manager, Springhead Primary School, East Yorkshire

We are primarily using the smooga to cordon off the playground when it is used for football but we also find it useful when we hold cross country meets as the smooga can be taken apart.