Alpha Blocs

Smooga AlphaBlocs – playground barriers or separators

Smooga blocs are a great solution to keep either ball games or quiet activities separate from other play in your playground. The Smooga AlphaBlocs can be arranged in any length, shape or formation to form separate play spaces. It helps to define discrete areas for play and sports. The connecting ‘blocs’ can be used to build a moveable, temporary court or pitch or to simply construct a wall, is flexible and versatile, like all Smooga products, and offers great adaptability to help you optimise your use of space.


  • Smooga Alphabloc 01
  • Smooga Alphabloc 02
  • Smooga Alphabloc 03

The AlphaBlocs are available in red or white, are similarly interconnecting and have a locking hinge which makes the A-frame very strong while also allowing them to be folded and neatly stacked when not in use.

(L)1000mm x (W)400mm x (H)600mm.

£66.00 each

excl. VAT & Delivery

Minimum order quantity 10

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We suggest Smooga Alpha Blocs be used for:

  • Defining areas for ball sports with temporary, moveable courts or pitches
  • Marking out perimeters of courts rather than using just lines, preventing ball run-off
  • Separating areas of your playground for children of different ages
  • Playground dividing blocs for more quiet activities such as reading and board games
  • Outdoor dens and hide-a- ways
  • Creating Seating areas
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