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We specialise in providing high quality barriers for all schools. Our award winning Smooga panels are the jewels in our crown and are a type of sports fencing which can be used to encircle existing sports pitches, create playground arenas and be used for playground fencing. They are flexible, portable, weatherproof and strong.

I’m 100% convinced the Smooga has helped to reduce conflict in the playground by enabling children to keep the ball in a controlled environment.

Behaviourist. Oak Hill Academy, Feltham

What is Smooga?

It’s a new kind of Multi-Use Games Area and it’s smart! Imagine an arena within 4 walls, made up of modular, push-fit panels, which have a lightweight plastic top section and a heavier base which keeps it firmly on the ground and you have a ‘Smooga’. It’s safe – the system is designed to be robust enough to withstand the pressure of being pushed or fallen against. It has no sharp edges or trip hazards. The easy push-fit locking system provides extra stability.

The ‘smart’ bit comes as a result of the total flexibility of a Smooga. It’s totally portable. You can move it around, set it up where you need it, change the shape or size and use it for many activities. A Smoogas’ most common purpose will probably be for football, but it’s equally ideal for hockey, handball and many other PE games and sports. You don’t have to make an arena, some schools use the modular barriers as separating walls to create zones within the playground. As we say, it’s a totally flexible system.

Why Use Smooga?

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  • Easily moved around and set up where you need it

  • Change its shape or size according to how you want to use it

  • Adaptable for all sorts of sports – football, hockey, handball and many other PE games and sports

  • You don’t have to make an arena.
    Use the modular panels as separating walls for zoning
  • When not being used for sport, some of our customers have used it for segmenting the school car park and controlling the flow of crowds at Sports Day or School Fairs

  • It’s safe. Smooga is designed to be robust enough to withstand the pressure of being pushed or fallen against

  • No sharp edges or trip hazards

  • All year round USAGE – or taken apart and stored away if you prefer

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School Sports Premium

If you are a Primary School, a Smooga can be purchased using your school’s Sports Premium money from the Government. We are fully set up to work with schools and can produce purchase orders and invoices or take credit card payments. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

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Our Ethos

The team at Smooga are passionate about encouraging kids to participate in and enjoy sports. Our ethos (and the reason we set up the company in 2012) is to get more young people participating and included in sports of all kinds – and we are helping it to happen. We work with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, amateur and professional sports clubs as well as local authorities.

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Smooga creates a multi-use sports area and reduces playtime conflict

Smooga is perfect for creating a pitch for hockey, football, netball and rugby. Schools have also used Smooga to create an area for skating, help facilitate cross country running and some have even used the panels to create a maze! Feedback from schools tells us that the creation of a dedicated space for different activities significantly reduces playtime conflict and maximises active fun time.

Contact us for advice on the right solution for your school.