What our customers say

“Since having the Smooga, less children have been injured and it is easier to manage children in the playground.”

“The Smooga has significantly cut down playground incidents”

Chris Stewart, Head, Totley Primary School, Sheffield
“We are primarily using the Smooga to cordon off the playground when it is used for football but we also find it useful when we hold cross country meets as the Smooga can be taken apart.”
Joanne Burrows, School Business Manager , Springhead Primary School
“I’m 100% convinced the Smooga has helped to reduce conflict in the playground by enabling children to keep the ball in a controlled environment.”

“The Smooga has made children play football in a safer environment”

Jane Copper, Behaviourist , Oak Hill Academy

“We use the Smooga for football, hockey and netball. We have also created a maze for the children which they absolutely loved.”

“There are less accidents now we have the Smooga in terms of bumped heads of children in addition to staff who have lunch time duty.”

“The Smooga helps to facilitate at least 80 per cent more teaching time.”

“The Smooga is the best investment we’ve made for the school in a long time.”

Marie Chadwick, School Business Manager , Garswood Primary School, St Helens

Why Use Smooga?

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  • Easily moved around and set up where you need it

  • Change its shape or size according to how you want to use it

  • Adaptable for all sorts of sports – football, hockey, handball and many other PE games and sports

  • You don’t have to make an arena.
    Use the modular panels as separating walls for zoning
  • When not being used for sport, some of our customers have used it for segmenting the school car park and controlling the flow of crowds at Sports Day or School Fairs

  • It’s safe. smooga is designed to be robust enough to withstand the pressure of being pushed or fallen against

  • No sharp edges or trip hazards

  • All year round USAGE – or taken apart and stored away if you prefer

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