Alison explains: “We had noticeable issues in the playground. We didn’t want to ban football or ball games but we needed improved boundaries to help manage conflict and play. Older children were dominating the playground leaving little room for the younger children to play.”

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Using the government’s PE and sport premium funding, Alison decided to invest in a Smooga, a smart moveable games area. The Smooga is positioned on the playground with timetabled use at lunch and break times. The portable arena is also used in lessons to assist with teaching PE and personal development skills.

Alison comments: “I first came across Smooga in Head Teacher Magazine. It is a big piece of equipment but was within the realms of our PE and sport premium funding. We didn’t want to fritter that money away and were determined to purchase something that could make a big difference.”

Smooga Impact

Emneth Primary School purchased their Smooga just over a year ago and have noticed a vast difference since.

Alison explains: “There have been a number of differences as a result of the Smooga. Younger children now have space to play sports; and arguments and disagreements have stopped. Previously, teachers would spend the first 30 minutes after lunch trying to resolve issues caused in the playground and the space was also dominated by older children.”

Emneth Primary School also makes use of the Smooga for its Nurture Group; a group to support vulnerable children with additional behavioural needs.

Alison said: “The Smooga helps our Nurture Group to develop social skills through playing fairly and understanding the feeling associated with winning and losing. Previously the students would have just run away from the game to let off steam and wouldn’t listen. The Smooga provides the students and teachers with clear guidelines and barriers to work with, enabling them to overcome any issues.”

Added Benefits

Emneth Primary School originally introduced a Smooga to the playground to avoid conflict and to provide a safe environment for ball sports. Alison didn’t expect to see skills improved as a result:

“Children have had to learn to play ball sports more carefully. They can no longer just whack the ball very hard and instead have to work on techniques to keep balls under control. Teaching Assistants and Lunch Time Staff have also found themselves having to learn the rules of different games.”

With ball sports contained, the playground is now also used for other activities such as hopscotch, hoops and skipping.

Alison concludes: “The Smooga has worked so well that we’d actually like to get a bigger one for our sports field. It is definitely a cost-effective resource and fits perfectly with the government’s huge drive around sport, exercise and thinking more positively. Our students are definitely more active as a result.”

Smooga creates a multi-use sports area and reduces playtime conflict

Smooga is perfect for creating a pitch for hockey, football, netball and rugby. Schools have also used Smooga to create an area for skating, help facilitate cross country running and some have even used the panels to create a maze! Feedback from schools tells us that the creation of a dedicated space for different activities significantly reduces playtime conflict and maximises active fun time.

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