England Wheelchair 7s approached Smooga at the Education Show 2015 for support during exhibition matches planned at various locations around the UK during the Rugby World Cup 2016. The tournament would naturally attract high volume crowds who would need protecting from wheelchairs and players during exhibition matches and equally, the players needed protecting from crashing into spectators. An alternative solution to Smooga would have been metal railings often seen at public and sports events. This wasn’t an adequate solution for spectators or players as the impact of a metal barrier hitting someone could have caused harm to both.

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Smooga provided a portable arena outside of Wembley Stadium for the team’s premier exhibition match enabling spectators and players to safely enjoy the sport. The flexible panels provided a safe, enclosed environment whilst still allowing everyone to experience the sport. Smooga worked with the Fan Zone organisers as well as the team to carry out associated risk assessments and to ensure the Smooga was delivered and set-up according to deadlines.

Smooga Impact

Martin Beddis, player and coach for England Wheelchair 7s said: “The exhibition match played within a Smooga arena outside of Wembley Stadium attracted thousands of rugby fans. It was fantastic to be able to demonstrate our sport and open it up to the masses to see what it is all about, which we couldn’t have done without Smooga’s support. We even had some audience participation as a few young people and not so young people tried out the sport for themselves! The team is looking forward to demonstrating our sport with Smooga at schools in 2016.”

Added Benefits

Smooga plans on helping raise awareness of the sport by working with the team to create exhibition matches and training sessions at schools across the UK where able bodied or disabled pupils will be able to try out their skills playing alongside the world’s best.

Smooga is continuing to provide England Wheelchair 7s with rugby balls and use of a Smooga to create safe barriers ensuring spectators and players are fully protected during matches. The company has also become a kit sponsor.

Smooga creates a multi-use sports area and reduces playtime conflict

Smooga is perfect for creating a pitch for hockey, football, netball and rugby. Schools have also used Smooga to create an area for skating, help facilitate cross country running and some have even used the panels to create a maze! Feedback from schools tells us that the creation of a dedicated space for different activities significantly reduces playtime conflict and maximises active fun time.

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